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Blog :: DESIGNBERN - Part 5


Logo Design

Found this nice little post the other day on Designshack which presented a collection of clever logo’s. My favorite has to be for The Guide of Food Writers, (shame about their website, but never mind). See more on Designshack’s logo post here.

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Beyond The Valley: An Interactive Print Journey

Some of my old chums from my college years who set up Beyond the Valley, have just held an interactive exhibition at the V&A. In it they ask folk to dabble with graphical components of a textile and antique nature to make unique compositions. All using iPads from specially designed and upholstered ‘stations’. Its all part of the London 2011 Design Festival with their exhibition continuing till the Sunday the 25th September. Worth taking a look if your in town.

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What Are People Really Buying Online

This e-commerce infographic caught my eye the other week. Part of a selection of designs pulled together for an article in econsultancy.com, which shed some light on the e-Commerce landscape and how its evolving in America. What’s really interesting is that in almost every instants e-Commerce is outperforming in store sales except for drugs and health. Why is this? When it comes to buying your Aspirin, do we still need the human touch to make us feel confident about what where purchasing.

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The ROI Of Social Media

Is social media effective?
A good question and many people are asking it. With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, how do brands make the best use of these channels to build a strong brand awareness with their customers? In the case of Tesco which I designed, very useful indeed. They have well over 300,000 followers now and can engage directly with them. Whether its pushing deals or weathering storms they can keep a constant finger on the pulse.

I came across this info graphic produced by MDG which sheds some light over this subject. See the whole info graphic here.

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Pictogram Movie Posters

I recently happened across Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz, he’s created a fantastic set of movie posters using only iconography. Well worth a look.

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JTNimoy Tron legacy special effects

A couple of months ago I came across the website of a developer called J T Nimoy, who had Spent half a year writing software art to generate these amazing special effects for the Tron Legacy. For more on the work he did check out his website.

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Project 365

My good friend Paul Duncan recently completed a year long project entitled “Project 365“.
He took a photo a day, using only an iPhone 4 and a wide selection of apps. The results are sometimes amusing, often touching and tell us much about a year in the life of a very fine gentleman indeed. It’s also worth following his twitter too, Paul has a knack of finding interesting stuff, certainly if you’re a tech junky like me.

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Mark Ward: As Seen On TV

Last thursday I had the chance to see my old chum Mark Wards exhibition at the Kemistry Gallery near Hoxton Square. And may I say, very good it was too.

“As Seen On TV draws on all of those influences from Mark’s youth, but turns them on their head by superimposing glossy icons onto images of banal, everyday British scenes, acknowledging the superficiality of that Californication but celebrating the nostalgia and also clinging to a little bit of hope that it might still be possible to find it, somewhere out there.”

Check out more of Marks great work here: www.markwardstudio.com.

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Stop-motion awesomeness with 350,000 Post-Its

Brazilian footwear company Melissa have used an amazing 350,000 Post-it notes to make this stunning stop
frame animation in São Paulo. Twenty-five animators worked for a steady five months to generate an ever-rotating
cast of images all captured on time-lapse video.


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DBV6 – The first post

Hi, my name is Bernard Barsley, I’m a designer who lives in London and I love all things creative.
This site represents all my current work and I guess more importantly, gives me a chance to
highlight great work I come across in my day to day travels. I hope you enjoy.

First up is the stunning information design by of Frances Franchi.
I was struck by the level of detail in his work.
For more work, take a look at his website: www.francescofranchi.com

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